Tulle Fanning Bustier Top

$750 $2,288

Exquisitely unique, the T.F. Top takes lead from runway looks. The curvature of the delicately pleated tulle sits perfectly upon a sleek and timeless silhouette. This style is perfectly uptown and couture. The pleated tulle part can be worn up or down. (Off White) 


Bust 34-35 / Waist 27-28 

This is a Sample Top only with a rating of 3.5/5 

5 - like-newish condition, it has been tried on!  
4.5 - Great condition!! Gently tried on, may have a tiny imperfection like a teeny mark, missing button or needs a slight spot clean
4 - Good condition! Some attention needed. May need a dry clean and slight very minor repair
3.5 - Recommend a dry-clean and some seamstress repairs as there may be slight imperfection like a run, pull, or missing buttons!
3 - Still good!! Dryclean and repair is a must!
2.5 - with a little TLC it will be a great wedding top for a bargain!

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