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A Small and Intimate Affair with Thomas & Marta

During these uncertain times, our amazing brides are having to cancel and indefinitely postpone their weddings, and/or change their wedding plans all together. We thought we’d reach out to our past #LLbrides who have had smaller ceremonies to shed some light on the ins and outs of having a wedding in a more intimate setting.

Q & A With Our Backyard Bride; Marta

Q. What inspired you to have a smaller wedding? Our backyard wedding wasn't initially part of the plan. We intended to just meet up with our officiant to sign our legal marriage documents a few weeks before our wedding trip to Ireland. But the more we thought about that step and the closer we got, we decided we wanted our immediate family to be there with us to share in the day.

Q. Why a backyard wedding? We lived close to Thomas' sister, Yvonne and her husband, Matt, and spent a lot of time hanging out with them at their place, which is beautiful. The more we looked across the city and outside the city for the perfect space to exchange our vows the more we realized that their familiar home and backyard was the ideal spot. It was also free, so that always helps. :)

Q. How many people did you have, and how did you come to that number? We had 14 people which included our parents, siblings and their partners, the pastor and his wife, two close friends and our fur baby Hank. I understand that this number is more that we’re allowed to plan to be around during Covid -19 but limiting numbers is always very difficult. There will always be many friends and family whom we would have loved to share this moment with but ultimately we knew we would be able to celebrate with them at our reception happening later on.

Q. How did your backyard wedding compare to a bigger reception later in the summer? Both days had me overwhelmed with joy and were so special in their own way. We didn't do an engagement or other pre-wedding events, so the backyard wedding was a chance for us to share in the excitement of our marriage with our parents and siblings. 

Q. How did you plan your look? For the backyard wedding I didn't plan ahead on anything specific for the dress, I just kept an eye out for something I would feel awesome and at ease in on a hot August day. There were several gorgeous ready-to-wear dresses at Loversland to choose from, and I love the one I picked. I went with a pair of dark green platforms to go with it. My hair won't hold a style in the summer heat (or arguably any weather) so I went for a blow dry that morning to give it some life and did my own makeup. 

Q. What elements were important to be included in that day? The most important elements on that day for us were to have our marriage vows officiated by someone who knew us, and to spend the day we signed our marriage license with our immediate families. 

Q. What were the key things that made the day special, and would you say that the size of your wedding had any part in those things? The support we got from everyone joining us that day made it special, and we are so grateful. Yvonne and Matt took such care to set up the space both inside and out, as well as refreshments and snacks for everyone to enjoy. They made it happen for us. Our backyard wedding gave us a chance to slow down, be present, share it with our immediate families and get excited for the big day ahead. 

Q. Looking back, what stands out? Would you make any changes? Would you suggest other brides who are forced to push their wedding receptions due to Covid-19, to consider keeping their original date to pledge their love with their partner? Absolutely!!! Looking back, the day was amazing. I would not change anything. To be honest, going into it we really didn’t think our intimate celebration was going to be so special to us but looking back its the small moments of love and support that make you realize how lucky we are in life. We also realized how lucky we were to be able to have two celebrations!! Generally weddings go by so quickly. You are unable to really soak it all in but when you’re able to have two separate days to proclaim your love, you’re much more present in the moment which enables you to truly feel all the feels.

Times of Resilience 

Loversland exists to celebrate a couples' most important milestones. We all feel the weight of the current uncertain times, but we are here to assure you that we are in this together and will help shed some light on alternative options for your wedding day.

Wedding Photographer: Viktor Radics