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Katrina Marshall-Glew -  September 2020

COVID Cinema Wedding
Mrs & Mr Marshall-Glew

Before COVID, my husband and I went back and forth a number of times between an intimate wedding and a larger gathering. Ultimately, we wanted to bring together all of our family and friends and decided on 90 guests. We would have a ceremony on August 15th at The Greek Theatre in Guild Park and a family-style reception at Bodega Henriette on King. Invitations were sent mid-March and I even hand-delivered a number to family the day before lockdown.

"We were already on Plan F, so pivoting was old hat"

We already went through multiple iterations of our wedding: a chapel ceremony in Victoria, BC, where we met; a pig roast at a rustic community centre in Elmira; a luncheon at our favourite restaurant in my hometown of Guelph. By the time COVID hit, we were already on Plan F, so pivoting was old hat.

As our RSVP deadline approached, we asked ourselves, “What is most important to us right now?”. During a period of uncertainty and fear, we had remained each other’s constants and knew we were ready to get married now and move forward with our lives together. So, we kept our original date and adjusted plans based on the restrictions at the time. It would be an intimate wedding with our parents and two witnesses.

We worked with Bodega Henriette to move both our ceremony and reception to their Beach Hill location where their city councillor just gave permission to build a beautiful backyard oasis. Cancelling our park booking allowed us to get creative. We made a private booking at our local cinema, The Fox Theatre, who put our names up on their marquee for the afternoon.

The wedding was not without its hiccups. We didn’t know if our photographer would be allowed to resume work or if the engraver for my wedding band would receive access to his shop. But we remained focused on what was still in our control and everything lined up perfectly in the end.

For brides who are changing their original plans, you have the opportunity to make your moment memorable. Have fun with the options that are available as you build a different, but unique wedding story that still reflects who you are as a couple. And know that your friends and loved ones, whether supporting you in person or from afar, are going to find so much joy in seeing love win despite our global situation.

Author/Bride: Katrina Marshall-Glew (@the.mighty.k)
Venue: Bodega Henriette Beach Hill (@bodegahenriette)
Hair and Make Up: Salwa S. Sultana (@ssglamstudios)
Flowers: Wild North Flowers (@wildnorthflowers)
Officiant: Tade Credgeur (@themarryinglady)
Photographer: Sam Wong (@visualcravings)
Rings: K&Co Bespoke Atelier (@kcobespoke)
Jewelry: Wolf Circus (@wolf_circus)
Slip Dress/Reception Dress: Ardeur by Le Petit Trou from Loversland

Honeymoon Inspo: Ontario Edition

A Socially Distant Wedding In The Woods