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We understand the value of women, and champion them every day. As a female-owned business, we know there are unique challenges that come with being a woman in business and admire the tenacity it takes to persevere. Here, we highlight some of the badass bridal designers we get the honour of working with at Loversland. Get to know them a bit better and read about what Women’s History Month means to them.  


Prea James is an Australian bridal designer, who creates gowns for the relaxed modern bride who wants something fashionable and unique for her wedding day. Prea studied at the renowned Fashion Design Studio - Ultimo TAFE Sydney Institute of Fashion. After graduating, Prea then went on to work in the Australian fashion industry before choosing to focus on bridal designs. 


Kate graduated with a BA Honours in Fashion Design and then got her MA in Textiles from London’s prestigious Central St. Martins. Having also worked as a stylist, Kate’s knowledge and experience gives her an unparalleled ability to design and create breathtaking wedding gowns. She founded Halfpenny in 2005 and the rest is history!


Ingrid started in bridal well before starting Love Honor. She handmade her first wedding gown when she was 19 for a close friend. After that, she had friends and acquaintances constantly asking if she could make their wedding gowns too. So, Ingrid decided to turn it into a business.


Savannah realized she might be interested in designing wedding gowns when she created her own for her wedding. Her dress caught the attention of famed bridal designer Molly Guy, who saw pictures of Savannah’s wedding online. Molly contacted Savannah on Instagram and suggested they collaborate on a capsule collection. Since her first capsule collection with Molly, Savannah has made her own way in the bridal industry, and is now one of the most well-known modern bridal designers in the industry!