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7 Ways he can help with wedding planning

Couples have changed, and the stereotype of the newly engaged guy saying to his starry-eyed fiancée, "Just tell me when to show up," does not apply. Today grooms want to be involved because it's their day too. So for the groom-to-be, here's a list of a few contributions that can be taken under his reign!

1. Choosing and overseeing his groomsmen 
Clearly, the groom will choose his groomsmen, but he also needs to make sure to invite them, keep them on track when it comes to suit fittings, and keep them up to date on all the details of wedding activities and events. He can ask his best man for a helping hand with coordinating but it's definitely on him to make sure things are checked off when it comes to his half of the bridal party.

2. Planning out the guest list with the bride

In addition to planning out friends and family he wants at the wedding, the groom is responsible for finding out who his parents would like at the wedding. He should also be the one to track down all of his friend's addresses that the bride wouldn't have in her own phonebook.

3. The music--It's a party, after all

Music is almost as important during the wedding as the food and actual venue. Have him research bands and DJ's. It could even be turned into a fun date night where the two of you can go check the artist out live and make notes. Once you choose your musicians, he should be in charge of giving them a list of tunes you both want to hear (and don't hear).

4. Saying "I Love You" often

Post-its, chalkboard doodles, slips of paper on the fridge; leave little notes everywhere. Simple "I Love You"s will keep the bride smiling no matter how stressful wedding planning gets. This is a time to be romantic (and yes, even a little bit cheesy) helping the bride to take the edge off during wedding planning with sweet, simple, gestures.


5.Help her plan the menu

Is your guy a foodie? If so, let him determine the menu. Even if he isn't an expert, make sure he is there to accompany you on your taste-sampling visits to caterers. Not only is there free food, but most likely, he'll eat at least two times more than you will at the wedding. While weighing your catering options, his number one choice should be a top contender.

6. Writing and practicing his vows

If you and your hubby to be are writing your own vows, the groom should take the time to write heartfelt meaningful vows well before the day of the wedding. This is no last-minute sort of task. Whether traditional or written himself practicing and reciting out loud should happen beforehand.

7. Taking over as point man at the rehearsal dinner

Want to know what will make him feel like a hero during your wedding weekend? Taking care of details for the rehearsal dinner. If you are the type A in the relationship, you know your wedding day will be a culmination of months of planning so having the groom take over the rehearsal dinner will earn him major brownie points.

Photography | Nathan Legiehn