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Everything you need to know about bridal trunk shows

The never ending question...what is a bridal trunk show? As we count down to our upcoming showcases, we want to give you some much-needed clarification on what a trunk show is, why you should attend, and the exciting collections that are in store for our LL brides-to-be.

Savannah Miller gown Chloe
Savannah Miller gown Chloe

1 | What is a bridal trunk show?

A trunk show is a unique event where LoversLand partners with celebrated designers from across the globe to showcase their exclusive collections of gowns. These events span over the course of a few days, so mark your calendars, and schedule your appointment early to avoid missing out.


2 |  When are trunk shows held?

Alright, now down to the logistics. The trunk shows are scheduled well in advanced, and usually last up to three days. You know the drill Love: call and book in advance. If you are in search of a specific designer you can find a schedule on our website.

Savannah Miller gown Chloe

3 | What's the deal with trunk show sizing?

Trunk show sizing sometimes means sample sizing...this can make things a little tricky because these sizes aren't always realistic for the average women's body. Be open, and make sure to look for images of real brides wearing these gowns. This will give you a better idea of how the dress will fit after it comes in your size, and alterations are complete.


4 | What are the perks?

For starters, trunk shows give brides a sneak peek at some of the most coveted brands in the bridal industry. We’re talking legends of the design world! And what’s more? These events are centered around a relaxing, fun, and intimate space. Some might even call it a “Haven.” With that in mind, here are some of the major reasons you should attend a trunk show at LoversLand.

Broader range of designers:
Here at LoversLand we’re suckers for any bridal designer who takes an uncharted and unique approach to designing wedding dresses. If you don’t know, now you know. With that being said, we aren’t able to carry everything our hearts desire. Trunk Shows allow brides the opportunity to view and try on designers' collections that aren’t ordinarily offered in store. That’s why we Trunk Show!

Meet and be styled with the designer:
We’re willing to bet that most brides are never blessed with the opportunity to meet the designer of their most prized possession. So you can only imagine the excitement that ensues when the designers themselves attend Trunk Shows. Despite their hectic schedules, these designers travel from all distances to visit LoversLand to provide their expert knowledge on the design, silhouette, and styling of the gown.

These designer are always interested in connecting with you, the hear your feedback and help with your special day!

With all of the above in mind, we are sure you are anxious to discover when your favourite designer is being exhibited. Click here to see who will be gracing the Haven in the next couple of months and schedule your appointment online. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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