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We did a Podcast

Listen to Aisle Seat as we chat about breaking tradition with Loversland - As Toronto Bridal Shop Innovators! 

Image by: Allison Mcgill

Loversland opened as a Toronto bridal boutique that has been doing things differently since opening their doors almost a decade ago.

On this episode, Alison Mcgill chats with owners Danielle Gulic and Yvonne Reidy, best friends and business partners who have made the wedding space a more inclusive and welcoming place and can firmly be credited with introducing and championing the cool bride aesthetic.

Image by: Allison Mcgill

On this show, Danielle and Yvonne share their story, their thoughts on what’s trending now in wedding style, the rise of the anti-bride, and they share all the details of a very exciting new launch, Loversland’s own bridal wear collection.

Image by: Allison Mcgill

In the ever-evolving landscape of bridal fashion, a new wave of disruptors has emerged, challenging traditional norms and ushering in a fresh era of distinctive elegance. Among these trailblazers, one name stands out – Loversland.

This Toronto bridal boutique is redefining the wedding attire narrative, offering brides a unique and unconventional approach to their special day. Let's delve into the world of bridal style disruptors with Loversland and explore how they are transforming the wedding fashion scene.

Image by: Allison Mcgill

As the bridal style disruptors continue to make waves, one thing is clear – the future of wedding fashion is exciting, diverse, and exquisitely unique, thanks to innovators like Loversland.