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It can be hard to plan a wedding. There’s so many things to think about, and even more decisions to make. Horoscopes may not be able to tell you whether to invite your best friends’ cousin—who you always looked up to… and kind of bonded with after she pierced your ears that one summer—or where to sit your problematic uncle. But you can let the universe help you choose what to wear, right? 


For the bride who is not afraid to be bold and daring. As the first sign of the zodiac, you are a pioneer who likes to do things your own way, and wear things that haven’t been seen before. Rue de Seine’s Kylo gown radiates passion, boldness, and creativity—just like you.


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Tauruses are after a truly romantic dress with luxe elements like fine jewels and gemstones. LOVE HONOR’s Eleonora gown is body-hugging, and covered in sequins and hand-sewn beading, giving it a truly dreamy and elegant look. It’s the perfect gown for marrying the man of your dreams. 


As the ultimate air sign, Geminis can morph to almost any situation, which is probably why they get labelled as being “two-faced” (but really we call it being adaptable, babe!) As a bride, you’re all about options and versatility. You might be toying with the idea of a wardrobe change, or a gown that converts easily from one look to another. There’s no breezier gown than B.B.A by NEWHITE with an optional overskirt. 


This sign is ruled by the chest, breasts, and stomach so silhouettes with defined natural waists and necklines, or gowns that place emphasis on your bodice are more likely to speak to your sensibility. No one does an A-line bodice like Alexandra Grecco. The Azalea gown will hug and highlight your body in all the right places, helping you feel sexy but delicate at the same time.


Leo rules the heart, upper back, and spine so a Leo bride is likely to be drawn to a dress with a dramatic open back or a plunging neckline. Juliette by A LA ROBE has both. This silk gown has a stunning double V-cut feature, a scalloped hemline, and a subtle spaghetti strap. Wearing the Juliette, you will absolutely be the centre of attention.


The Virgo bride is simple and classic, but not necessarily traditional. You want a dress that’s sophisticated, but not one that has too many parts, is difficult to move in, or requires too much fuss. Our Miley Gown has a classic silhouette with a touch of originality in the sleeve details.


Libra is an air sign, prone to indecision (or like we said earlier, adaptable queens), and intellectualising decisions. This sign is also inherently feminine and stylish. So as a bride, a Libra is more likely to gravitate toward something trendy or a piece from an up-and-coming design house. The Vow Gown by Helen O’Connor effortlessly ticks both boxes. Plus… it has pockets! 


Scorpios have a penchant for sex appeal and love to lean into their natural mystique. As a bride, you will be drawn to silhouettes that make you feel sultry and powerful. The Malene cutout gown is ultra-feminine with a V-neck at both the front and back of the gown and a diamond cut out in the centre-front for a little extra peek of skin. 


This sign is larger than life—adventurous, fun, and flirty. No one does those characteristics better than Halfpenny! Each of their vintage-inspired designs is a showstopper, and the Mayfair dress and skirt is no different. The dress’ heavily gathered sleeve detail, and the sheer, silk organza overskirt with tiers of textured frills is the statement piece you’re looking for.


Capricorns like to look sharp and put together, and they also have an appreciation for the finer things in life. The Kate gown by Savannah Miller is an understated, elegant gown with a high neckline, and flowy statement sleeves. You’ll look clean, simple, and chic in the effortless way that only a Capricorn bride can.


As an Aquarius bride, you will want to stand out by dressing in a way that feels unique, yet still true to your signature style. You’re not huge on bridal aesthetics, but still want to look special for your big day. Grace by Dan Jones is a play on evening wear and makes the perfect dress for a minimal, sophisticated, forward-thinking bridal look. 


This sign is ruled by Neptune, which leans into spirituality, intuition, and illusion. This means that you’re dreamy in every sense of the word! BB:06 Dress by Bon Bride is timeless, and elegant. This stunning dress features a high neck, cutouts at the waist, an open back, and a centre-front slit. It’s classy, whimsical, luxurious, and makes a statement without trying too hard. That’s what we call a win, win, win, win!