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Welcome to the world of The Loved One

Get to know Antonia of The Loved One as we chat all things The Loved One including her favourite pieces and key sources of inspiration. 

 What is your personal style/ must-have items?

 Must have items: striped t-shirts pretty much always; Vans slip-ons and good English oxfords; a pea coat (I have at least one for every season); bits of velvet ribbon (usually black) for ponytails, and tying onto various things; jeans; my art deco engagement ring.

 What is your all-time favourite love/wedding song?

 There are three: Into My Arms by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, With Whom to Dance by Magnetic Fields, Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space by Spiritualized (this ended up being our first dance at our wedding, but the other two were serious considerations).

 Tell us the origin of ‘The Loved One

 The idea started when I was shopping for my own wedding nine years ago and was completely underwhelmed by the available choices for gowns and accessories at the time. Seriously, where were you then Loversland?

 I started researching designers who were doing less traditional pieces, but the ones I liked were either insanely expensive or really poor quality, which is when I realized there was a great opportunity to fill a gap in the market. I was still working in the fashion industry at the time and did so for several years after I got married, but the concept for The Loved One continued to incubate and evolve.

 For the first two years I only carried other designers work, but when I still couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, I started creating my own designs and they ended up being my most popular pieces. 

 The name The Loved One comes from the 1948 Evelyn Waugh novel of the same name. It's a dark little satire, decidedly not about weddings, but with an overarching theme of eternal love. Plus, I think the name works beautifully for brides-to-be. 

 Do you have a go-to source of inspiration and does the city of Toronto influence your style and aesthetic?

 My inspiration comes from literally everywhere- from a piece of seaweed washed up on a beach, to a gallery installation, to the night sky in the country. If I had to choose my main sources of inspiration, it would come down to nature and couture. Totally opposite I realize, but I enjoy the contradiction. 

Toronto does influence my style and aesthetic. There are so many chic individuals around town and there are so many talented artists in so many fields that it's impossible not to be influenced. I've been fortunate enough to have traveled to many amazing cities, and although each city has its own distinct feel, Toronto easily holds its own where style is concerned. 

 The Loved One Woman, who is she and who would be your ultimate bride?

 The Loved One Woman is an individualist. She’s wildly intelligent, doesn’t follow convention and she knows herself well. She gets married in unexpected venues and appreciates originality. My ultimate bride would be actress Ruth Negga, because she’s a sartorial dream. Tilda Swinton because, Tilda Swinton. Oh, and Jane Birkin. I’ve never been attracted to the convention.

 The Loved One is known for being future heirlooms. Do you have any items, which will stay, close to your heart forever?

 I like the idea of pieces that transcend just the wedding day. I've worn several of my pieces out to events with jeans and a great pair of heels, and I think they work just as well as with a gown. The pieces are made to last and are loved and hopefully passed on to future generations, hence the term Modern Heirlooms. A favourite piece? That's tough, I love them all, but probably the Floriana Crown. It was one of my earlier pieces and has been consistently popular. I’ve done multiple custom versions of it, and it doesn’t feel dated at all. I want my brides to look back at their wedding photos years from now and love the style choices that they had made.


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