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LL Couple | Julian + Jesse

We meet a lot of cool girls. But it's not often that we meet an #LLBRIDE who possesses equal parts confidence, calmness and an undeniable *cool girl* factor, but that's exactly the winning combo that makes this next bride so darn special. Julian was one of the first to ever rock Rue De Seine Haze gown and man oh man did she set the bar for one of the coolest weddings we've ever seen.  Warning: the below images from Julian + Jesses wedding may leave you a little breathless. Enjoy kids!


1.Take us back to the beginning, how did you and your Lover meet?    

Jesse and I lived in Ottawa and worked at neighbouring shops for years but never met. When I moved to Toronto, I slid in his DM's. He drove 4 hours to take me on a date and the rest is history... 

How do you and your partner celebrate love on a daily basis?

Lots of hugs and kisses. We're currently living apart and I'll always wake up to a good night and good morning text.  

 Describe your style in three words.

Eccentric, Clean, Comfortable.  

How is married life?

Amazing, but the same as when we weren't, to be honest. Since having our first child before marriage, our relationship changed drastically, for the better. We've become more patient, hardworking and stronger than ever. With our second on the way (pregnant DURING the wedding), we're just rolling with what life throws at us. Marriage, to me, is just a signed piece of paper. I decided to keep my name, so the only thing that has changed are taxes. It's the love that matters the most. And we've got a lotttttt of that under our roof.

 -Vendor Credits- 

Photographer:  Joel & Justyna Bedford | Wedding Dress: Rue De Sine's Haze gown  
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