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Here comes the bride -- all dressed in white, lace, ruffles, silks and sequins. Even if you’ve found the “one”, there’s no shortage of wedding-related festivities that need outfitting. For your engagement party/bridal shower/ rehearsal dinner/ reception/honeymoon  have fun looking the part with killer looks that say “I’m the bride”. Is your maid of honour planning your shower at Colette Grand Cafe or [insert other trendy cafe] in Toronto? Try a bodysuit under high-waisted white trousers for a no-fuss, spot-on look. Add a feminine touch to your bachelorette outfit with a sequin, lace or embellished dress. Wanting to switch up your wedding outfit for party time? Ready-to-wear designers like Finders Keepers, Obakki, Faithful the Brand, Privacy Please, and CMEO Collective are taking notice and have designed a variety of white so don’t miss out on that perfect piece! As the bride, you are the star of the soirees leading up to your wedding day. Make sure your outfits say it too with our ready-to-wear white collection.

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