Take Me Out Bundle | Jems


The Take Me Out Bundle includes our Square Silicone Case and a 3-pack of Jems Condoms which fit perfectly in the case. Our Silicone Case keeps both you and your condoms safer.


  • This silicone carrying case is designed to fit the Jems 3-pack of condoms package, measuring 3.5” x 3.5” x 1”.
  • Includes  3 natural rubber latex condoms lubricated with silicone. Protecting against unwanted pregnancy and STI transmission, as well as the exchange of irritating bacteria, Jems condoms are natural latex barriers fitted to wrap around an erect penis or a phallus such as a dildo.
  • Ultra-thin (0.055 mm), one standard size (180 mm in length before stretching, and 53 mm wide before stretch)

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