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Party for Pride | A 2018 Guide To Pride Essentials


With pride week here it's time to time to stock up on essentials to help you thrive at pride and carry on the party even past the celebrations.

See below for our top picks to help you party for pride! 


Modan Diamond Sunglasses 

We all look amazing the night before but sometimes the next day we need a little help pulling it all together.These sunnies are perfect for hiding that morning-after mascara smudge or just keep you looking fabulous all day long.  


Feeling more chill this pride season? Whether it be during those hot, sunny days or after a wild night of celebrating, Voong is here to keep you looking cool and stylish during all your high times. 

Sexy Flask 

Sexy people deserve a sexy flask. Grab one for you and your lover and take the party on the go. Perfect for walking around, dancing in the streets, hanging out in the park or just about any adventure you get up to.  

Vinyl Woven Towel

Heading to Aqua? Don't forget a beach towel! If you need to dry off or maybe just something to lounge on, keep it colourful and show your pride with this super soft beach towel.

Petal Pop Confetti

Confetti pops are a great way to share your excitement with others... especially when filled with dried flower petals. Colourful and exciting these poppers are bound to be a hit among the crowd. 

Sex Oil

Have more fun with this all natural sex oil from Province Apothecary. The scent-free natural oil blend will keep you hydrated and lubricate the skin. Use it as a body oil, massage oil, or more. Have fun!





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