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He Doesn't Need Another Tie | Father's Day Gift Guide 2018

Robert Redford and His Daughter
Photo Credit: John Dominis

Find yourself stuck in a father's day rut year after year, buying him ties and chocolate because he insists he doesn't need anything? Break the mold this time around and get a thoughtful and unique gift for the man who has been there for piggyback rides, DIY-repair advice, and everything in between.

Wish you could be there to make him his favourite drink? Give him the next best thing: his favourite treat on the go, no matter how far away you are.

If you're embarrassed by his vacation-dad shirt, compromise with boxers that'll make everywhere he goes feel like a little slice of paradise.

For the dad that's put together no matter the occasion, make sure his flask follows suit: this one is a tasteful and practical addition to any look.

For the hipster dad with facial hair all your guy friends envy: all natural Cedar & Black Spruce oil to keep his beard healthy and shiny.

Gift your dad the best of old and new with this vintage inspired speaker that looks as great as it sounds.

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